Low Value e-Training

Purchasing offers a convenient method to obtain the training and testing required to receive a Low Value Purchase Authority (LVPA).  This Purchase Authority allows employees to purchase up to $5,000 per vendor/per day with a PALCard, or up to $5,000 per vendor/per day through the Kuali Financial System (KFS).

Low Value e-Training provides the information required to understand the responsibilities associated with low value purchasing, and successfully pass the Low Value e-Test.  Read the documentation and take the test at your convenience.  After passing the test, you will be designated as a Low Value Departmental Buyer with a Low Value Purchase Authority.  

Please select the following link to apply for your PALCard.  Retraining and retesting is required annually for PALCard-holders and Reconcilers.

If you do not pass the test the first time it is recommended that you review the documentation and retake the test. If you fail the test twice in one 24-hour period, you will be required to wait 5 days before retaking the test.

To process online purchase orders via KFS, login to the ZotPortal, select the Finances/KFS tab and in the Purchasing portlet, select Requisitions.

Module 1 (.pdf):

Course Information

Ethics and Purchasing Conduct
Conflict of Interest
   Independent Contractors / Consultants
   Employees as Contractors
   Former Employees as Contractors
   Successor Contracts
   Penalties for Violation
   Employee-Vendor Relationship
   Gifts and Gratuities
   Unauthorized Purchase
   Separation of Duties
Low Value Purchasing
Low Value vs. High Value Purchasing
Strategic Sourcing
Independent Contractor
Independent Consultant
Inventorial Equipment
Low Risk Services
High Risk Services
Allowable Goods and Services
Purchasing Methods Guides
Personal Purchases
Competitive Quotes and Bidding
Sole Source
Reasonable Price
Small Business Program

Module 2:

Departmental Responsibilities

Cardholder Extended Absence
   Card Cancellation
   Card Parameter Updates
Cardholder Responsibilities
   Purchasing with a PALCard
   Receiving Goods and Services
   Purchases Over $5,000
   Card Safety
   Lost or Stolen cards
   Card Cancellation
   Obtaining a PALCard      

     Who Can be Issued a PALCard?

     How Many Cards Can Be Issued per Department, per Person?  
     How Long Does it Take to Receive a PALCard?
      User Agreement
      Card Renewal
Reconciler Responsibilities
   Purchase Documentation
   PALCard Document (PCDO)
   Record Retention

Module 3:


   Five Card Controls
   Merchant Category Code
   Decline Report
   Purchase Transactions
      Low Risk Goods and Services
      Special Approval
      Stationery and Business Cards
      Internet Purchases
      Recurring Purchases
      Merchants Who do not Accept VISA
      Equipment Management
      F.O.B. and Freight Charges
      Billing Address
      Canceling Purchase Transactions
      Returns and Credits
      Energy Star program
Sales and Use Tax
   Tax rate

   Tax-exempt purchases
   Account Number

Take the PALCard e-Test

Revised 04/18/16