Enterprise Architecture Model and Repository

Enterprise Architecture Model and Repository

Maintained by: Marina Arseniev, Carmen Roode
Updated: 8/12/2006

Status: A Protege Knowledgebase Ontology and Repository are continually being updated and populated. The Security Architecture ontology and repository is in development and is a separate ontology. It will merge with the Enterprise Architecture Ontology for common information and access to it will be restricted for security reasons.

Protege is an ontology editor and a knowledge-base editor. Its flexible and generic nature can be applied to management and development of an Enterprise Architecture. In Administrative Computing Services, this tool is being used to create a repository based on the Zachman Framework. Its powerful linking ability, comprehensive modeling and storage of enterprise artifacts corresponding to the cells of the Zachman Framework, and the ability to create the composites of the rows and columns support our tool requirements. This tool also supports query and analysis of the repository using a built-in query tool. Reporting for multiple purposes and audiences is done by generating an XML transformation of the Protege repository. The XML transformation uses XSLT (Apache Xerces and Xalan) to create the appropriate views on the artifacts and composites.

Together with another tool, the Matrix of Change impact analysis tool, AdCom Services has adopted open source toolsets to create a rich and flexible infrastructure for its Enterprise Architecture Development and Management.

One area of concern in AdCom Services is that critical knowledge is currently stored with individual employees and, in many cases, in files or notes that are not easily accessible or not known about. The Disaster Recovery and Security evaluation projects, for example, could use a tool such as Protege to record our interfaces to outside institutions, cycles and schedules, configurations, vendor contacts, issues, assets, etc. The model below captures the current strategic information in our repository.

Visual Model of Architecture in Protege Repository (click on item to drill-down or Browse Knowledgebase):