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Administrative Computing Services, UC Irvine
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ITLC Update (September, 2006)
Overview 11/2001
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Updated: January 12, 2007

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Established January 2002, this site is under development to identify, analyze, and make recommendations to Administrative Computing Services that best align information technology with business goals. The primary objectives are to better integrate systems, increase responsiveness and flexibility, and to establish a continuous governance of technology such that all initiatives are traceable to business objectives.

Technical Reference Architecture and Guiding Standards describes conceptual architecture principles for all areas of Information Technology and guiding principles, recommendations, tools, and best practices for specific Architecture Domains. These domains include Application Development, Purchased Off-the-Shelf Systems, Security, Middleware, Database, and Platform. A four year, 16 quarter sliding window is used to identify technology lifecycle and appropriate use.

Repository of Knowledge captures strategic and important information about the enterprise. Used for planning and communication purposes, it follows the Zachman Framework principles. An ontology is created to model and populate the knowledgebase using Stanford's Protege Knowledgebase Tool.

Architecture Layers