*Open Book*
When taking the
e-Test you may
keep another web
browser open with
the Low Value
as reference.
The purpose of this test is to assess your understanding of PALCard Policies and Procedures, and Low Value Purchasing Policies.
  1. The e-Test consists of 25 questions.
  2. Answer 22 questions correctly on the first or second attempt, within a 24-hour period, to pass the test. (A third attempt with a passing score will not be accepted.)
  3. If you do not pass on the second attempt, you are required to wait five (5) calendar days before retaking the test. This will provide time to review the training material.
  4. After passing the test, complete the PALCard Application
  5. Retraining and retesting is required annually for PALCard-holders and Reviewers.

By entering my UCINetID and Password, I confirm that I've read Modules 1-3 of the training material and the test instructions above. UCI Net ID:

Questions? Please contact Jennifer Chey, (949) 824-6274, or email PALCard@uci.edu. Copyright UC Regents