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Student Assistant Series



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Class Specifications - B.15

Student Assistant IV (4919)

Student Assistant III (4920)

Student Assistant II (4921)

Student Assistant I (4922)


November, 2003



Series Description

Under supervision, Student Assistants perform duties ranging from unskilled to skilled and/or specialized in a variety of positions. The series is characterized by the generally temporary nature of appointments, the general absence of continuing responsibility for the work performed, and the diversity of duties that may be assigned.



1.      Manual related duties including minor repair and custodial tasks;

2.      Clerical related duties including typing, basic record keeping and cashiering;

3.      Audio-visual equipment operation;

4.      Basic storekeeping; and,

5.      Library assignments such as shelving, discharging and renewing books.



The following standards will be applied on a consistent basis:


1.      Under supervision, Student Assistants perform a variety of duties in support of academic research projects, student advising, and contact with the public.

2.      Perform clerical and manual duties that involve limited use of specialized skills and equipment.

3.      May coordinate the work of a group of lower level Student Assistants.



Benchmark Level

4921 Student Assistant II


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Student Assistant Series