How do I find the UC Learning Center? ↑ Top
I cannot login. What can I do? ↑ Top
You may be experiencing difficulty logging in for a variety of reasons. Please make sure you do the following:
  1. Check that your computer can access the system and that you are using a supported internet browser.
    • UC Learning Center is accessible using a PC or Mac
    • Supported browsers include: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome. Please note that as browser manufacturers continually update their products, newer versions may not always be compatible with the UC Learning Center.
    • High-speed internet access is required.
  2. Make sure you have an active UCInetID and password
  3. Confirm that you are using the correct UCInetID
    • For Health Affairs staff, the Health Affairs login ID is different from your UCInetID.
    • Generally, your UCInetID is the first part of your email address and is based on your name. For example, if your email address is, your UCInetID would be someone. If you don't know your UCI email address either, you can call the Help Desk at (949) 824-2222 and provide your employee or student ID number. Held Desk staff can tell you what your UCInetID is.
    • View UCInetID FAQs:
  4. Make sure you are using the correct password
    • Your password file is encrypted. We have no way of telling you what it was.
    • If you activated your UCInetID after July 2003, you were asked a secret question that will allow you to reset your own password.
    • If you don't have this option or forgotten the answer to your secret question, contact the Help Desk, (949) 824-2222.
    • You can test to make sure you are using the correct UCInetID and password at:
I finished my online eCourse. Why does the system not show I am complete? ↑ Top
How do I see and get a certificate for courses I have completed? ↑ Top
  1. From your Learner mode home page, select theTranscript & Certificates tile to view a list of your completed courses/activities.
  2. Click on the name of the course, which provides details on the course.
  3. Click on the Options drop-down arrow and select Diploma.
  4. Click Print at the top of the diploma page.
How can I access my required training? ↑ Top
Why am I required or assigned to take specific training courses? ↑ Top
Who should take the Safety Training Self-Assessment? ↑ Top
The Safety Training Self-Assessment is required for:
If you need assistance or have questions regarding the STSA or your required safety training, contact your department SOS Representative or email If you have problems accessing or utilizing the UC Learning Center, email

How do I take the Safety Training Self-Assessment? ↑ Top
Who is required to take the UC Irvine Health Annual Training? ↑ Top
What do the icons next to the course name mean? ↑ Top
How can I see what training courses are available? ↑ Top
Is my entire training history available in the UC Learning Center? ↑ Top
Why can't I see the people who report to me? ↑ Top
How do I add myself as the manager for people who report to me so that I can see their courses/activites?
I have access to view the training status of people in my unit. How do I view this information? ↑ Top
I would like to offer training through the UC Learning Center. How do I do that? ↑ Top
Contact the UC Learning Center via e-mail:

I'm an instructor for a class. Where do I go to view the roster? ↑ Top